Favorite Toys

Whats everyones favorite toys?.. Do you have one you have had since your Big was really little?.. or is there something new you love to play with?..

My bigs got a bear hers had since her was 4, thats 30 years ago.. he is a polar bear wiff suspenders..
Little Princess

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1. NAME- My birthname is Victoria and I used to go by Tori... But I'm changing my name to Sarah, so call me that okay?
3. DO YOU HAVE AN AGEPLAY DADDY/MOMMY:  I have the bestest Daddy! I loves him!
4.TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR LITTLE/BABY YOU (eg:favorite toy, stuffy, book, food, color): I like pink, animals (speshully kitties!), vegan peanut butter cookies, and tea parties. I love listening to Kanon Wkeshima and wearing pretty dresses! My hobbies are singing, drawing, writing, and playing pretend. :)
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I wanna say hi to everyone is been a long whiles since I's been here, sorry I's been really bizzy wif mine big person, we been doin lots and we moved to..

welcomes to all new peoples, big and littles, fanks for joining!


About me!

1. NAME" Mine names Arianna, buts you can calls me ari ifn you wannas
2. AGEPLAY AGE/REAL AGE: well iz mostly 5, but sometimes i feels more like 12, it pends on my mood! My grownup me is overs 30
3. DO YOUO HAVE AN AGEPLAY DADDY/MOMMY: no =( i wants one tho
4.TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR LITTLE/BABY YOU (eg:favorite toy, stuffy, book, food, color):
my faborites color is purple, an i loves tinkerbell, an i gotta stuffed bunny, anna stuff bear an i love to play an go swimmin, dollies, snuggles, sometimes i like bein a bad girl, sometimes i like just bein good. i like princess too, cuz i am one a princess fairy girl!
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Little about me...

1. NAME" my name is little cow.. lotta people jsut call me cow..
2. AGEPLAY AGE/REAL AGE: my real age is 33 and my ageplay age is anywhere between 4 and 15 , but mostly closer to 4, I gotta be in a good head space to be older.
3. DO YOU HAVE AN AGEPLAY DADDY/MOMMY: no i don't, been looking, was in a relationsip for 4 years but stuff happened and i am nto anymore and its taken me along time for my little to wanna come back out. Hoping to find someone again maybe, online.
4.TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR LITTLE/BABY YOU (eg:favorite toy, stuffy, book, food, color):
love coloring and singing and stuffies, I love eeyore and pooh and frannys feet, love hotwheels and climbing and yea i'm a little tomboy what can I say..  thers more but i'm kinda tired now and its almost 1am and i gotta go to sleepy..
fairt tales

Getting to know...

Welllllllllll.. my big thinks it be a good ideas to do a get to know each other post., hers gots some questions ya can answer ifin ya wanna, but ya don't gottas. you cans just say whats ya wants.

1. NAME"
4.TELL US A BIT ABOUT YOUR LITTLE/BABY YOU (eg:favorite toy, stuffy, book, food, color):

So thats the questions...